Flea Markets in Barcelona

Flea market

Do you know what a Flea Market is? Lately, this trend between tradition and modernity is very well-known in Barcelona. There is a large variety of flea markets where you can find almost everything: clothes, accessories, handicrafts, secondhand books and even technologic gadgets a little nostalgic.

The main quality that makes unique these flea markets is that anyone can become seller or buyer. The organizers set down a low price for the sell places (normally, 30 euro or less) and anyone who wants to be a seller can set up there his stand to show his products to the public.

Regarding the buyers, the entrance is free in almost all the flea markets in Barcelona, so you can go to any market if you want to enjoy your day or to buy a unique object.

We suggest you two of the best known flea markets in Barcelona:

On Garage – La Ovella Negra

They are auto defined as “The most underground Garage in Barcelona”. The On Garage is celebrated in one of the most emblematic locals in Barcelona, the Ovella Negra in Poblenou.

The market is installed monthly in Ovella Negra, with more than 100 stands where you can sell items for collectors or vintage clothes. The On Garage uses to takes one entire day and there is free entrance for buyers. Moreover, in this flea market money is not always needed: you will find some stands of bartering, so you can exchange your things for others.
The next edition of On Garage will be celebrated on Sunday the 17th February from 11 am to 20 pm. If you want more information about future editions, you will find it in the events section of this website:


The Ovella Negra is located in C/ Zamora n. 78 in Barcelona. The closest metro stations are Marina (L1) and Bogatell (L4).

Lost and Found

The Lost and Found is located in Estació de França in Barcelona and it is organized monthly. This market is open to all kind of products, like books, toys for children, technologic gadgets, clothes or music. There is place for everything in this amazing showcase open to everyone.

The Lost and Found exemplifies the principles of sustainable consumption, exchange and popular relations that shape the Flea Market philosophy in Barcelona.

Currently there is no exact date for the next Lost and Found. If you want to be the first want to know or you just need more information about this flea market, you can visit their website. There, you will find an option to receive and e-mail with the date of the next edition.


Other flea markets in Barcelona

In Barcelona there are lots of flea markets organized regularly. These are just two of the best-known, but there are lots and you will surely find your favorite. We suggest you these ones:

-Flea Market: its next location is a mystery, because every edition is celebrated in a different place. Anyway, it is one of the most representative flea markets in Barcelona. Know more about it in its crowded Facebook page:


-Encants: A really historic market in Barcelona. As we can read on its website, every week it is visited by more than 100.000 customers. You will find this traditional market every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in Glòries.


-Two Market. The Two Market is normally celebrated in the afternoon/evening. Its next edition will be the 3rd March from 4 pm 70 8 pm in C/ Calders, n. 12 in Barcelona. Do not miss the most pirate flea market in Barcelona!


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