Barcelona charming and delicious

To describe Barcelona in a few words is very difficult. Heart of the “Catalan Modernisno”. Fascinating, complex, cosmopolitan, modern, traditional, young, active, lively, luminous.

Barcelona with a thousand faces and colours, so similar but also so different. Mirror of its history, a symbol of modernism, the Barcelona of Antoni Gaudí and his wonderful creations including Casa Batlló, La Mila-Pedrera, Parc Güelle, the Sagrada familia, expression of its own identity.

The Barcelona of the Olympic Games considered the best ever, Barcelona also internationally known for its Barcelona futbol Club.

Thanks to its privileged location on the coast and its proximity to the mountains of the Sierra Barcelona is a reference point for European culture, an international tourist destination and an ideal place to enjoy the rich Catalan cuisine and much more.

We want to help and to guide you in this wonderful world,  giving you some valuable tips through a quality food and wine journey.

By A.M.