Terms and Conditions of use of the “ BarcelonaForRent ” platform


The provision of the services of the platform called “ BarcelonaForRent ” are offered and made available to users by Barcelonaforrent Apartments, SL and will be regulated by the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, which must be accepted by users who wish to use “ BarcelonaForRent ”.


All people who access the “ BarcelonaForRent ” platform will be considered users and, as such, must carefully read this document that includes the Terms and Conditions that govern the use of “ BacelonaForRent ” and accept them prior to establishing the service provision. If you do not accept this document, Barcelonaforrrent Apartments, SL will not be able to provide you with its services since, prior to your subscription, you will be asked to give your consent to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, since they are the ones that govern the use of the “ Barcelonaforrent ” platform, so you will not be able to receive the services provided without providing said consent.


Likewise, we inform you that this document may be subject to modifications. Barcelonaforrent Apartments, SL will inform you of the changes made to them and, where appropriate, of the necessary procedure to accept said changes. However, we recommend that you check this document regularly on our website to ensure that you are familiar with the most up-to-date version.




BarcelonaForRent . Means the application made available to the User for tourist rentals and/or seasonal rentals through the Website.


Lender . It means “ Barcelonaforrent Apartments , SL”.


Website . It means the web page hosted on the domain “https://www.barcelonaforrent.com/”.


T&C . It refers to the document with the terms and conditions that regulates the relationship between the Provider and the User and whose acceptance by the latter conditions the provision of the service made available to the User through the Website.


User . It means the natural or legal person who accesses the service offered by the Provider and who accesses the Website.




Through the Website, a catalog of accommodation available for the User's stay is made available to Users, with the characteristics and conditions shown for each of the options on the Website itself.


For these purposes, Users have two types of stay available in the accommodations shown on the Website:


-Tourist stays. Tourist stays are reservations to stay in one of the options available on the Website in apartments that, in any case, will have a tourist license with a “ Habitatge” license number. d'Ús Turístic de Barcelona” (the “ HUTB Number ” or the “ HUTB ”) which, in any case, will be displayed on the Website and during the reservation process.


-Temporary stays. Temporary stays are reservations to stay in one of the options available on the Website for at least thirty-two (32) nights or more, and in apartments that do not have a HUTB.


The provisions of the T&C will apply to tourist stays. In relation to temporary stays, it will be necessary to sign a specific agreement in this regard between the User and BarcelonaForRent , which will include the specific conditions of the temporary stay in question. The conditions applicable to long stays will be those provided for in the specific agreement for long stays signed between the User and BarcelonaForRent . In the absence of the signing of said agreement, the provisions of the T&C will apply for all stays, except for those terms or conditions that are expressly indicated as being for a particular type of stay.


3.-Entry. Check in procedure . _


Check-in time in all our accommodations is from 3:00 p.m. on the first day of the reservation.


tourist accommodations available through the Website have an automatic, contactless and online Check In process. For the purposes of performing the Check In, the User will be requested certain information for identification, which will be specified on the Website in each case and which include: national identity document and passport, which the provider needs to comply with the legal obligations imposed by the type of services provided. The collection of personal data will be carried out in accordance with our privacy policy, which can be consulted here. [ LINK ]


Check In procedure will be carried out by sending the user an access code, which the User must enter when accessing the accommodation, and the entry instructions to their accommodation, or by sending an access link that The User must use it to access the accommodation, along with the access instructions. These instructions will be communicated through the means of communication provided by the User. The access code (or, where applicable, the access link) and the access instructions may be used by the User to access both the building in which the accommodation is located and the accommodation itself.


4.-Prices, terms and payment methods


4.1. -Tourist stays.


In each case, the price of the accommodation will be the one indicated, in each case, for each of the accommodations on the Website, once the data of the arrival and departure dates for the accommodation in question have been entered.


For the purposes of making payment for the reservation, Users can use the following payment methods:


-Payment by bank card.

-Payment through the PayPal application. Regarding the registration and use of the PayPal platform, the terms and conditions of said platform will apply, in respect of which the Provider has and cannot have any impact. Therefore, the User exempts the Provider from any incidents or disputes that may arise in relation to the use of the PayPal platform. Likewise, in the event that the User decides to use the PayPal platform as a means of payment, they will assume the expenses or commissions that, if applicable, the platform itself incurs for its use.


In relation to the reservation requested by the User, said reservation will be paid in the following installments.


-Fifty percent (50%) of the reservation price will be paid by the user at the time of reservation.

-Fifty percent (50%) of the remaining price of the reservation will be paid by the User and by the same means as the first payment with an advance notice of fourteen (14) calendar days to the date of entry into the reservation made by the User. User.


For the purposes provided for in this clause, it is not included as the price of accommodation and, therefore, the rate applicable in each case and the deposit must be paid separately. These items are included in the “Details” section in the description of each apartment.


Failure to pay any of the stipulated deadlines will result in the User's reservation not being confirmed and being automatically canceled by the Provider. As long as payment of all concepts has not been made, the Provider may deny the User's access to the reserved accommodation.


4.2.-Temporary Stays.


The provisions for Tourist Stays regarding payment in section 4.1 above will apply to the payment of Temporary stays, except as expressly provided for this type of stay in this section.


In addition to the payment methods provided for in section 4.1, temporary stays may be paid by bank transfer to the account number that will be indicated to the User once the reservation is made.


For temporary stays, no fee will be applied separate from the price for the reservation at the accommodation. Even so, the deposit for the Temporary Stay must be paid separately, which will be between ONE THOUSAND EUROS (1,000.00.-€) and SIX THOUSAND EUROS (6,000.00.-€). The provisions of this paragraph regarding the deposit will only apply to reservations managed and paid directly through the Website. The payment conditions in general and the deposit in particular will not apply in case of payment by bank transfer or, in general, payment methods that are not online. In that case, BarcelonaForRent will inform the User of the conditions applicable to each reservation.


The provisions of this section will apply only in the absence of another agreement between the User and BarcelonaForRent .


5.-Cancellation policies.


-Cancellation at the request of the User.


Reservations made by the User through the Website by the User will be subject to cancellation by the User, without the need to express the cause of cancellation and in accordance with the provisions of this clause.


In particular, the user may cancel their reservation as long as they communicate said cancellation to the Provider at least fourteen (14) calendar days in advance of entry into the reservation made by the User, without penalty, in the case of Tourist Stays and with thirty (30) calendar days in advance of entry into the reservation made by the User, without penalty, in the case of Temporary Stays.


In the event that the cancellation is requested by the user after said date, the reservation may be cancelled, but in such case there will be a penalty associated with the cancellation corresponding to the first payment made by the User as provided in the previous clause.


-Cancellation at the request of the Provider.


Likewise, the Provider, in the event that circumstances prevent the accommodation of the User in the accommodation reserved by the User, the Provider undertakes to relocate the User to accommodation of the same category as the accommodation reserved by the User or a higher one.


In the event that the User's relocation as provided for in the previous paragraph is not possible, the User's reservation will be canceled with a refund of all amounts paid for the reservation.


6.-Additional payments.


In addition to the price related to the accommodation reservation, the User must pay some amounts for other concepts other than the price of the reservation and the provision of the service by the Provider.


Particularly, the User must satisfy:


-The amounts related to the Tax on Stays in Tourist Establishments (the “ Tourist Tax ”), which will be paid by the User prior to the User's entry into the reserved Accommodation and by the same means of payment used to make the payment of the booking.


-The amounts related to the deposit. For the purposes of this clause, the deposit is an amount of between two hundred euros (200.00.-€) and four hundred euros (400.00.-€), depending on the accommodation reserved, and of which the Provider will be the depositary. , with the aim of covering possible damages, losses and damages that may occur in the accommodation during the User's stay. The deposit will be paid together with the second payment of the accommodation reservation price, as provided in the T&C.


7.-Departure from the accommodation and management of the deposit.


The User must leave the accommodation on the last day of their reservation and before 11:00 in the morning.


Once the User has vacated the reserved accommodation as provided in the previous paragraph, the Provider will check the status of the accommodation upon the User's departure. Once the correct condition of the accommodation has been verified, the provider will proceed to fully refund the deposit provided by the User, using for said return the same means by which the User would have delivered the amounts related to the deposit.


The refund of the deposit will be made between three (3) and seven (7) business days after the User leaves the accommodation, in the case of tourist stays, and a maximum of forty-five (45) business days in the case of temporary stays. Within the same period, the Provider must notify the User, if applicable, of any imperfection that must be repaired with charge to the deposit, as well as the amount that will be refunded to the User, in case it is not the full deposit.


In the event that damage occurs to the accommodation that exceeds the amounts delivered as a deposit, the Provider reserves the right to claim damages that exceed the amounts delivered as a deposit.




8.-External reserves.


The provisions of the T&C will apply only to reservations managed directly through the Website. However, the provider's accommodations are also available through third-party platforms with which the provider can establish collaborations with various structures.


In the event that the reservation is made through these platforms, the reservation will be managed according to the terms and conditions of the platform in question. The Provider is not involved in said relationship, which is why it is exempt from any discrepancies and inconveniences that may arise in said reservations, which, in any case, must be managed directly between the guest and the platform through which it was managed.


Without prejudice to the above, it is possible that the indicated platforms do not materially manage some of the issues necessary for the reservation, such as the deposit and the Tourist Tax. In these cases, the delivery of the amounts related to these concepts will be made directly with the Provider, but the reservation will continue to be subject to the relationship between the guest and the platform, so the provisions of the two previous paragraphs will continue to apply. .


9.-Stay, equipment, cleanliness and rules of behavior.


During the User's stay in the accommodation, the Provider maintains an open line of communication in the event that any doubt or query from the User arises, or in the event that it is necessary to report any incident. The User can contact the Provider by any of the contact methods available on the Website.


The accommodations offered by the Provider through the website are fully equipped, decorated and furnished, so they have all the necessary elements for the User's stay. On the Website you can check the layout of each accommodation and its equipment.


Likewise, the User must notify the Provider immediately of any problem with the equipment, any deterioration or accidental breakage or any incident, in general, that must be solved or repaired by the Provider, in order to repair said situation.


The maximum number of occupants in the accommodation will be the number of people for whom the reservation has been made by the User, unless the Provider has previously been notified, and has expressly accepted, an increase in the number of guests. This increase may entail an increase in the price of the reservation.


The User undertakes to maintain appropriate behavior throughout the stay and to maintain responsible and polite behavior with the rest of the occupants and with the neighbors, with the aim of ensuring good coexistence.

In the same sense, the rest hours of the rest of the guests and/or neighbors must be respected, so it is prohibited to carry out annoying or noisy activities (meetings in common spaces, loud music, parties, etc.) during hours when those that may pose an inconvenience or disturb rest and, especially between 10:00 p.m. one day and 9:00 a.m. the next.


Pets are not allowed in the Provider's accommodation.


Likewise, smoking is prohibited inside the Provider's accommodation. Smoking will only be allowed on the exterior elements (terraces, balconies or similar) of those accommodations that have this type of elements. In our accommodations there are technological measures for the prevention and detection of smoke (smoke detectors), so in the event that the User smokes inside the accommodation we will immediately warn them to stop the behavior.


In the same way, our accommodations have technological measures to detect noise. Therefore, in the event that the User's activity in the accommodation exceeds the decibel levels appropriate for good coexistence, we will send a warning in the event that the User exceeds the permitted noise levels.


In the event that the user fails to comply or violates the provisions of these T&C or the expected rules of behavior that generate problems, complaints or claims from neighbors or other guests, or the intervention of security forces and bodies at any level, the Provider may demand the User the immediate abandonment of the accommodation, without the User having the right to recover any amount or without there being any right to claim or compensation for it.




The Provider is not responsible for direct or indirect damages that may be caused by the use of the accommodation and its common spaces, including, by way of example and without limitation, damages resulting from fires, theft, and other conduct. criminals.


11.-Jurisdiction and applicable law.


The T&Cs are civil in nature and will be construed on their own terms. In matters not provided for by the T&C, Spanish Law will be of subsidiary application.


The Provider and the User agree to submit the resolution of all controversies and discrepancies that have arisen or may arise due to the interpretation or compliance of this contract to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction. that could correspond.




These T&Cs have been written in Spanish. The T&C available, if applicable, in other languages are a translation of the Spanish version with character Informational only. In case of discrepancy between versions, what is provided in the Spanish version will prevail.